Francis Kynaston

(1587-1642 / England)

Francis Kynaston Poems

1. Britans Ensignes 10/18/2010
2. Cynthia, On Her Faire Eyes 10/18/2010
3. England Of Her Selfe 10/18/2010
4. England To Scotland 10/18/2010
5. Leoline And Sydanis 10/18/2010
6. Of The Queene 10/18/2010
7. Of The Kings Journey 10/18/2010
8. Of The Revels 10/18/2010
9. Of The Same (Kings Journey) (I) 10/18/2010
10. Of The Same (Kings Journey) (Ii) 10/18/2010
11. Of The Same (The Revels) 10/18/2010
12. Of The Sea Scene 10/18/2010
13. Pictures Royall 10/18/2010
14. Scotland's Apologie 10/18/2010
15. The King To The Queene 10/18/2010
16. The Liberall Arts Kneeling To The King 10/18/2010
17. The Queene To The King 10/18/2010
18. The Queenes Complaint Of The Scots 10/18/2010
19. The Royall Navie 10/18/2010
20. To Cynthia An Apologie 10/18/2010
21. To Cynthia On A Kisse 10/18/2010
22. To Cynthia On A Parting Kisse 10/18/2010
23. To Cynthia On A Short Visit 10/18/2010
24. To Cynthia On Concealement Of Her Beauty 10/18/2010
25. To Cynthia On Expressions Of Love 10/18/2010
26. To Cynthia On Her Being An Incendiary 10/18/2010
27. To Cynthia On Her Changing 10/18/2010
28. To Cynthia On Her Embraces 10/18/2010
29. To Cynthia On Her Looking Glasse 10/18/2010
30. To Cynthia On Her Mothers Decease 10/18/2010
31. To Cynthia On Her Resemblance 10/18/2010
32. To Cynthia On His Absence From Her 10/18/2010
33. To Cynthia On His Being One With Her 10/18/2010
34. To Cynthia On His Love After Death 10/18/2010
35. To Cynthia On Seeing And Touching 10/18/2010
36. To Cynthia On Sugar And Her Sweetnesse 10/18/2010
37. To Cynthia On Verses On Her 10/18/2010
38. To Cynthia, On A Mistresse For His Rivals 10/18/2010
39. To The Illvstrious Lord, Iames Hay, Earle Of Carlile 10/18/2010
40. To Cynthia 10/18/2010

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Best Poem of Francis Kynaston

Of The Rainy Weather In England, And The Faire In Scotland.

Twice hath bright Cynthia wan'd, twice fill'd her round,
Since England with continuall raine lies drownd;
While Spring here winters, Scotland doth behold
Dayes without cloudes, skies azure, Sunnes of gold.
Thus whiles the King from Thames to Tweed doth goe,
One Kingdome smiles, the other weepes for woe.

Read the full of Of The Rainy Weather In England, And The Faire In Scotland.

England Of Her Selfe

VVhile towards the North the King his course doth steare,
I was neere drownd in griefe with many a teare,
Now hee is going, griefe doth stint those showres,
For greater then teares is this griefe of ours.

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