Frani Bell Poems

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Do His Eyes Lie?

His eyes are telling a different story
One that does not compliment the one from his mouth

I hate you, leave me alone says his mouth

Remember Me

Remember my smile
Remember my laugh
Remember the love that thrived for awhile


Everyday gets easier
But it’s still hard to say goodbye
Every time you walk away
It hurts a little less each day

Don'T Look At Me Like That

Don't look at me like that
You just bring back the pain
Obviously you gain
From the the pain I feel

I'M Tired

I'm tired of crying
Tired of these tears not drying
Tired of my broken heart bleeding
Tired of my soul pleading

Always The Friend

Always the friend
And never the girl
My life in short simple words
The one who's always there

I Close My Eyes

I close my eyes and what do i see?
I see your smile, your face, your everything
I clasp my hands and what do i feel?
The feeling of yours enlaced in mine

That Damn Phone

That damn phone rings
Night and day
If only your voice
Was on the other end to say

I Fell Asleep Thinking Of You Last Night

I fell asleep thinking of you last night
My dreams were filled with wonders and joys
I fell asleep thinking of you last night
My dreams were filled with your wamth

It's Just A Dream

In my sleep
I tell myself it's just a dream
You kiss my lips softly
It's just a dream

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