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If you had ears
then it could not be hard
to make you hear me,
You don't have eyes

I clearly understand
the reason why u are leaving
but that doesn't make it
any easier to bare

In many a narrated tragic love story,
we are told often, that when the Man learned that his place was now taken by another Man,
in that part of the story, He dies.

Her sweat continued to flow
more than her tears did,
she was born in a silver spoon,
she never knew hunger, not even now,

Like the light is there for the night,
Like the dark is there for the day,
Just that way I will be there upon you,
For when the light is not there it's not day,

I insist not for your attention, that is not my intention
Mine intent is great,
No beauty I've seen Maiden, has surpassed your beauty
You deserve my intention not attention.

Friendship is seasonal, so true...
My heart tastes bitter, and my soul has gone sour...

The far this friendship has brought me, My face now resembles the skin of a Lemon, just as that of your old Man.

He slept and awoke
he had never believed in Heaven
and yet Jesus was watching over him.

'Saa, saa, saa' silence
All that time was calling out Puppy,
So it was the late!
And the wagging tail was gone!

I still walk along
The same streets that we
Used to tread together,
Tracing your footsteps desperately.

Go to the world and get yourself hope,
it is there you lost it.
In the current days,
Nothing takes away your hope

The strong tides have changed direction
the wind is blowing the other way too,

How about the woman who set out for the market at dawn,

It is the wake of dawn,
Thief! thief! a man is dealt
With ruthlessly.
It was a mistaken identity,

Mine is a sweet beginning,
Through this wonderful feeling,
Which brings allot of meaning,
Through my entire living.

We see the green of life no more
Thanks to the strong rays of the sun
The land is dry,
The plants are dead,


If my life would halt before I wake,
Perhaps that would be our last meet.

And my mother would be helped by other

That I come from the holy church
With all those good spirits
And the first thing I meet are
Beings having or almost sexing

He twists and turns on mad
The man is a madman
Go turn and twist yourself on mad
See if you won't run mad

Yesterday I saw you
As you sang Halleluiah
Halleluiah praising the most high
For the good he has done for you

I will blame her no more,
Not I either, to the World is my distress.
Away from me it has taken my Lady, I miss her,
Mine Shoulders are socked from tears, mine Eyes have run dry, I have wept, and my Chest is wet

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A Senseless Stone

If you had ears
then it could not be hard
to make you hear me,
You don't have eyes
to see what am talking about,
The words of your mouth
can not even be heard by a fly,
And that's because you are a stone,
you have made your heart inhuman,
what a person!

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