Franz Werfel

(10 September 1890 – 26 August 1945 / Prague)

Franz Werfel Poems

1. The Patient 3/30/2012
2. I'M Still Just A Child 3/30/2012
3. Six Septets To Honor The Spring Of 1905 3/30/2012
4. At Old Railroad Stations 4/21/2010
5. The Ram 4/21/2010
6. Dead Friend Of My Youth 4/21/2010
7. Dance Of Death 4/21/2010
8. The Creature's Stare 4/21/2010
9. Das Bleibende 1/1/2004
10. The Snowfall 4/21/2010
11. One Hour Ater The Dance Of Death 4/21/2010
12. Morning Hymn 4/21/2010
13. The Faithful One 4/21/2010
Best Poem of Franz Werfel

The Faithful One

So many play with you,
You play with the many,
But you never see me
There in the background,
By you around the clock
With my frozen-up mouth
And my iron-hard face.

Those you gladly amuse,
They make things work smoothly,
They don't get in my way.
There's always someone new,
And there's no one I shun,
For I'm the faithful one,
And you I can bet on.

Once you become old hat,
Passé, of no interest,
And no one's around you,
Then I'll turn to you,
To earn and to end,
And in my firm hands
I'll carry you over my dark sea.

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