Fred B Kagame Poems

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A Village Life Of A Cowherd

A Night and a day look similar,
in all civilized states.
But don't look similar,
in all primitive states.

Crown Is In The Sky

Crown is in the sky. Don't let people get hunted,
God designed you and I, Not for expensive cars to be purchased.
They will hate you and I, Withstand until you die

Power Of Patriots.

Patriotic powered people pay say no their seize.
Size of their shoes deadly-slept under body-feet-size.
Silence seems no-criticize, counts no to the costs.

Harm Everything Equals Zero Stress

The bone spirit of bones,
Renewed complexion you are depth flesh.
With you harm everything equals zero stress.

My Mind My Enemy

Logarithm of thoughts and integration of history,
Combined to be limitation of my thoughts
Now, the Rhythm of double circulation.

The Rhythm Ignored Behind

Half of mind
the blindness goes far ahead
the rhythm ignored behind.

Bloodstain Patterns Analysis

Important droplets on the crime scenes
contain the proofs beyond reasonable doubts
precipitations compliment their origins.

Good Morning Rwanda!

Rwanda Rwanda Rwanda!
Enemies want you in scandal
betted to be in the waste.

My Prayer, God Stop What Started In China

Gradual increase of Fever
regular Coughing last forever,
Shortness of breath.

Corona Virus The Vigilantism

large family of viruses that cause illness
not common cold to more severe diseases
Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS-CoV)
and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS-CoV) .

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