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Fred Chamberlain Poems

1. The Demons 4/22/2010
2. We Are A Virus 4/22/2010
3. What Do You Do 4/22/2010
4. When You Lose Count 4/22/2010
5. Die At Any Moment 4/22/2010
6. Red Water Fall 4/22/2010
7. When You Put The Walls Up 4/22/2010
8. Which Way I Go, You'Ll Be There 4/25/2010
9. Where Has She Gone 7/27/2008
10. Falling 7/27/2008
11. This Place Is Nor Heaven Nor Hell 7/27/2008
12. Houselessd Or Homeless 4/21/2010
13. Seeing Everything Through Different Peoples Eyes Is A Gift 4/21/2010
14. Where To Go When There Is Nothing Else Left 4/21/2010
15. He May Have Anger And Hate On His Hand, But He Shows Love 4/22/2010
16. Greed 4/22/2010
17. Just Another Night 4/25/2010
18. Not Welcome Anymore 4/25/2010
19. Wild Card 4/25/2010
20. One Endless Night 4/25/2010
21. Red River 4/25/2010
22. If We Never Met Again 4/25/2010
23. Live Or Die 4/25/2010
24. Sun Sets 4/25/2010
25. Maybe I Was Just Having Fun 4/22/2010
26. Running Away Form Fear 4/25/2010
27. Time 4/25/2010
28. Lies Kill 4/25/2010
29. Worth Fighting For 4/25/2010
30. Can You See My Scars 4/21/2010
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Can You See My Scars

Can you see my scares
do you know my pain
as many as the stars
can you believe they call me sane

where to go from here
with no where to run
it is not very clear
should i be out in the sun, but being out at night is much more fun

from sun rise to sun set
i will put up a fight
from sun rise to sun set i am different at night

At night there is peace
at night i am calm
at night the fight will cease
at night is the way to be

when it is dark it is clear
easier to think and act
there is nothing to fear
nothing to hold people ...

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Houselessd Or Homeless

Is your house your home or is your home your house
a home is love, caring, sharing, and sweet
home is a place where you can have your own beat
there is no hate, no pain, and no lying
for right now i don't have this place
the place with a familiar face
i am the homeless
but not the houseless

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