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Her eyes glitters like the icing on a cake.
Bosom so smooth like hot loaded bowl of pounded yam
Her breasts are like bunches of grapes
Her kiss is a drug I take and feel so dizzy
Her touch caresses me like the evening breeze


Sometimes I'm up
Sometimes I'm down
Sometimes I smile
Sometimes I frown

Dynamic World

There are golds
There are silvers
There are bronze
There are platinums

Sexy Ladies

Sometimes when they touch me,
they pass me the signal.
And I get bursting,
thinking like a criminal.

Welcome To A New Day

Here is what seems like the usual days

But it is actually not the same

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I's born and raised in Africa, Nigeria precisely, the third in a family of five.5.9 inch tall and a diploma holder (OND) from a polytechnic school in my country.

I's verbally abused by my folks, especially my mum. My growing up was perfect as a kid but miserable and lonely since my teenage years due to a health problem I got at the age of 14 c ...

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