Gabe Florsheim Poems

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Of Romeo And Juliet

Star crossed lovers of household war
Alike and destined to be no more
With ill fated love as all they bore
For each were shallow paramour,

I Don'T Need A Miracle

I don't need a miracle.

I dont even want the girl with a perfect smile
or the one that laughs and sings along to her favorite songs.

Field Of Flowers

Life is like a beautiful flower
Each day as unique
As each petal of each.


I just want to find an oasis in the desert.
I just want to see a spark in the darkness.
I just want to get my breath in the asphyxiating gas.

(whats True Inside) The Mirror

This picture is a blur
because you see what they see;
what they want you to see.


There is this time and hours,
We all will come and dream;
And find the little flowers,
That seeds will give to stream.


We were one.

We were unified and obsolete. I was open and free. I was myself.
I finally touched another heart but the greetings were shifty.

It Doesnt Matter

It doesn't matter that love is blind, deaf, and dumb; We are impervious.
It doesn't matter that you feel so far away: I will always be with you in your heart.

It doesn't matter that I can't be with you forever; Know that I am always there to hold you in my arms.

Mother's Day Poem

Dedicated to my MOM.

My mother taught me something for every year I’ve survived her;

Give Me Wings

Please give me wings.
Teach me the sky.
A bird in it's cage
can learn how to fly.

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