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Stupidity, Not Sin

The empty bottle of alchol
Sits silently on the wall
While its drinkers stumble,
Clumsily into one another.

Purple Daffodils

Sorry purple daffodils,
I have got to go.
Across the pond of crocodiles,
All the way to the misty isles.

Good Bye

Come by me.
I'll see you by the water side.
Come by me.
Help repair my pride.

The Way Its Gotta Be

Love, lust it does not really matter
Every day i get sadder
It does not show on the outside
But on the inside

Castle In My Head

We used to live in castle across the sea.
We used to love each other, in a castle across the sea.
Now you are across from me,
I find myself hating to be,

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