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When the shadows of the day
in the evening fade away
How gloomy thoughts can be
a light is stil to see

Spoken words
Leave their traces
along the beach of remembrance
The tide is coming

I will come to you this night
What I feel will be so right
I made my decision yesterday
In the moonlight we will play

Thousand and one Arabian nights
A greenish love potion
A sweet singing mermaid
In a blue ocean

The door-way to childhood
is one step away
Past moments in time
it seems only yesterday

It is not always happiness
It is more a temporary satisfaction
If it is not a state of mind
It is only a kind of short distraction

The past and the future
Are bending a bow
With me in the present
And no idea where to go

Two strangers meeting at last
A sweet smile
How do you do?
A cup of coffee

Tell me a story...
about good and bad
Sing me a song
happy or sad

Wandering through wastelands in the pouring rain
Coming across an old whishing-well
Making wishes and posing a question
All in vain

What if...

I've forgotten the sweet smell of roses
When I no longer remember the taste of fresh bread
Receiving my medicine in small doses


Once it will be like yesterday
Differences fade away
That well known face once so beloved,
looks at you

Closing my eyes
I see splendid colours
Uprising mountains
Dark and grey

A feeling of grief
A touch of happiness
A sense of relief

Underneath a willow tree
under a lazy sky
We were resting side by side
My dear child and I

Once upon a distant shore
My love was resting
Tell no more...

Beyond tomorrow there is hope
Bygone are the pains of yesterday
We are just waiting here to be
Beyond despair and agony

Remember me when I was bold
Remember me

Remember me when I was strong

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The Language Of Flowers

When the shadows of the day
in the evening fade away
How gloomy thoughts can be
a light is stil to see
Life is not always fair
but in that light so rare
are flowers everywhere

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