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Published Poet, mother, grandmother, lover of all Nature and Mother Earth.

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Memory Lane

Today I went for a walk down Memory
Lane, scuffed up sneakers, sweat pants with grubby
knees from time spent on the monkey bars at the
school playground,

Jacket tied around my waist as I
enjoyed the heat of the last of Fall's warm afternoons,

My stomach made noises so, late for
dinner again, I
stopped under a large oak to fill my pocket with acorns
from the grass still wet from last night's
rain shower,

Fall, my favourite time of the year if not for summer but those are other memories with
different stories,

I turned into our driveway, heading to the back door,
as the last leaf I kicked floated in a rivulet of water and down a drain,

I still have a faint smile as an aide slides my dinner
onto the stand
rolled up to my lap.

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