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I have wandered alone
Through the dust flecked light shafts
of half truths
and undisguised lies

Somewhere between the light and the dark
having cried, but not all of my tears
I found a shade of blue to call my own
Vibrant lemon yellows,

The question I long to ask you
spills over my tongue
hits my teeth
And I swallow it down like Cuervo and lime

How long will this go on?
Consumed daily by this passionate fire
...the way I tempt fate
tease the flame closer to my eager skin

Sometimes you amaze me
You with your quiet strength
wisdom, insights
You inspire and excite me


For being here and staying
when i felt abandoned, even by my own heart
Let me thank you now
After all the years I held my breath


What difference does it make now to try and be brave
every day for no one but God, who doesn't care and has lost track of my soul
Even the Prophet can not move me to some deeper meaning anymore
I'm black and blue on the inside this time and no one can save me

My heart and my feet long to travel
I woke at 3am and lay with my dreams
held them close
wrapped them warmly around my lover and me

No longer satisfied simply watching the sunset
I feel compelled to stretch fiery fingers of light
across the universe
Radiate red and orange brilliance

If desire, falling down from her mountaintop
should wrap herself around me
and bind my drenching

Emerging from this timeless tomb of desperate ironies
I too, feel
know my perceptions are biased

It's you again
in the gray dawn
Moving like a shadow across my heart
From the corner of my mind


I scattered your words across the beach tonight
under a three quarter moon
while gentle waves lapped at my toes
and the whole evening seemed to vibrate

O luv, how foolish I must seem to you
torturing myself over each imagined rebuff
sulking and shutting down
my response to the casual remark


Sing an anthem to the sky today
an ode to the vastness and infinite beauty of the universe
stretch your mind to embrace a new view
from a window made of shattered glass

No more will you find me
on the sun scorched sands of time
dancing to the music of our hearts
You scorned and shamed me

Solemnly, I have cast my circle
summoned my Goddess
chanted and prayed to the blackened skies
Standing alone, as from habit

As Persephone to Hades
lower, lower into the fire
but this time, there will be no Spring
Let the Great Mother wander the barren earth

This morning, I chose life
Summer is gone
with her she has taken my seaside dreams
I stood too long at the shore

At the end of the dream i never wake up
I live on in a thousand different scenes
from a play un acted
only felt

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Just Go

I have wandered alone
Through the dust flecked light shafts
of half truths
and undisguised lies
Sifted and sorted the remnants
of my prophets revelations
Clung to the drunken ramblings
of unfortunate muses
Only to arrive
full circle
where the journey began
Along the way i have buried
then ressurected
graceless saviors
so we could pray together for absolution
or at the very least redemption
Now, I am ready
to stand at the crossroad of my fate
once again choose a direction
and just go

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