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26. At The Gates Of Heaven 2/8/2015
27. Dnd 2/21/2015
28. Silver Moons 1/11/2015
29. Sleep My Dear... 12/30/2014

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Sleep My Dear...

Sleep my dear....

Krishna krishna sleep my dear
The night is come but don't fear
Close your eyes shut out the night
Close your eyes shut out the night

Maiya maiya if I close my lids
The night will enjoy easy success
I will boldly stare the night
And make it lose to early sunlight...

Krishna krishna sleep into a dream
Pots of butter and lots of cream
Close your eyes I will call the dream
Close your eyes I will call the dream..

Maiya maiya last night I was dreaming
Pots of butter from high roof hanging
Just a dream so I leapt for ...

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God's Own...

If you can spare a minute to bend down
To kiss the humble little thorn
To feel its pain, your foot does crush
Though it's taken a little of your flesh
You can feel the thorn thanking
And feel its secret greiving
You are then God's chosen one
You made this world truly your own

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