Francis Duggan Gardens Poems

In The Bendigo City Botanical Gardens

In the Bendigo City botanical gardens deciduous trees turning brown
Where from the branches of the tall trees gray headed fruit bats roost hanging upside down
Bats in their hundreds roosting on almost every tree
In Nature there is always amazing sights for to see

Our Lives Are Like Our Gardens

Our lives are like our gardens we must reap the seeds we sow
And our past it seems to follow us to everywhere we go
For the wrongs I've done to others to karma i must pay
The Universal Consciousness catches up with us one day

In The Cascade Gardens

In the Cascade Gardens from here far away
The lorikeets chirp in the bright sun of day
And the male green southern fig bird I fancy I hear
The gray brown mottled female to him perched near.

In The Bendigo Botanical Gardens

In the Bendigo City Botanical Gardens for it's beautiful trees of many countries in renown
The roosting fruit bats in their thousands on bare branches hanging upside down
The smell of their muskiness from the higher trees
Comes wafting through the parkland in the freshening breeze

In Koroit's Green Gardens

The nesting birds singing in Koroit's green gardens on this sunny and warm October Spring day
The sky is deep blue as blue as blue can be with only a few scattered clouds of light gray
The weather temperatures in the low twenties a forecast high for the day of twenty three degrees
On branches of the ash trees new leaves are budding with a pleasant coolness in the freshening breeze

Flagstaff Gardens Melbourne

The sweet perfume of roses waft in the evening breeze
And songbirds piping gaily on green and sunlit leaves
These Parklands of Melbourne of Garden State renown
Watered by the sprinklers in warm weather I've never seen them brown.

The Fruit Bats Of Cascade Gardens

In the Cascade Gardens at Broadbeach a South Queensland coastal Town
The fruit bats in their thousands roost hanging upside down
There must be twenty thousand and that is just a guess
And if you pressed me further i'd say there's more than less.

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