RoseAnn V. Shawiak Gardens Poems

Earthly Gardens

Hopping up and down, feeling joy that's being filtered
through this being from harmonies and melodies, contin-
uing practicing their intense flavors of color within.

Gardens Of Heaven

Visions of interior life filled with gardens
of heaven, portrayed in the blossoms of blue

Distant Gardens

Pages, turning pages, filtering through sorrow of a lifetime,
so sure of death, all wishing spent with this desire.

Truthfully, never hoping or praying for another day on earth,

Taking In Gardens

Slipping across heaven,
taking in it's gardens,
filled with beautiful
blue roses with scents

Secret Gardens Of Explanations And Beauty

Rushing quickly into recesses of this mind, allowing an innate musical talent to touch and take mind and intellect into secret gardens of explanations and beauty.

Their imagery bright, vivid and lively, turning every little detail into a poem then into and out of mazes of definitions and meanings.

Intellectual Gardens

Gardens of roses now filling intellect with their
enticing aromas and penetrating nature, their essence
flowering itself into the passion of all humanity.

Spherical Gardens

Scaling interior walls through intellect here at the
hospital, beautiful pictures of nature making the
climb well worth it.

Interior Gardens

Tracking sounds through coded words, displaying all my mind encompasses in colorful illumination right from within my being.
Delicately being loved for who I am and being driven to interior gardens where my soul does lie.

Gardens Of Isolation

Resisting temptations to join in with other people around me.
Not wanting my own space and needs to be overcome by theirs.
An insulated blanket, covering and protecting me from the insensitive challenges they throw over me.
Tossing aside everything, I delve into the pool of my mind, ignoring their every effort to get my attention by going ever deeper into catacombs of contemplation.

Gardens Of Blossoming Expressions

Grasping hold of mysteries that like to hide, yet taunt this open
mind like tiny parachutes of patterns and intricate designs in
moments of intense emotions at times.

Tending Gardens Of Thoughts

Living in a complacent period of time, feeling at home any-
where, always dividing attention between music and writing,
painting also whenever able to spare time from writing.

Imagination's Gardens

Sauntering along through imagination's gardens, seeing
amazing sights of nature, passing by in wonder and awe
at all the beauty.

Future Gardens

Running through this mind, latching onto many particles
of being.

All of them, gathering into depths, touching intellect

Tangled Gardens

Strumming my heart strings to melodies and rhythms of
outstanding life.

Recklessly following leads into tangles and messes of

Inner Gardens

Riding waves of life, surfing along roads that take me to
destiny without any effort, no use trying to fight it, for
there are plenty of choices to make before the end.

Gardens Of Daily Participation

Swaying in rhythm with a lazy melody, resisting the
impulse to speed up writing.

Lethargically taking steps into slow tempos, utilizing

Always Growing Gardens

Cloudy, overcast morning, letting me move quickly into
beautiful depths of myself.

Roaming through all types of landscapes, trying to

Gardens Of Thought

Picture-perfect images step into a mind of aspirations
without any qualms or uneasiness standing in the way.
Revolving memories enter by side entrances, leaving
traces of emotion to be dealt with.

Lonely Gardens

Constant reminders, blinding daylight,
keeping it at bay.

Blossoming Gardens

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