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I am just another guy who thinks from the heart and dreams for making life worth while

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All of my life, I've been waiting for some one close
I am suffering b'coz I am getting the same old dose
why dont I get what I want
why dont I find a whole new dawn

Picture Of You

Walking on a lonely shore
I was thinking about my dream girl
how she will look, how she will be
sharing the road of life with me

When Its Love! !

Walking in the moonlight, with someone special
Holding hands against all odds
Feeling someone close even from far apart
When whisper in the ear echo’s in your heart


Soaring in the clear sky till eternity,
clear mind with thoughts bright, no insanity;
seeing the bigger picture of life from heights above,
life revolves around many things but constant is the love;

My One And Only

I am just waiting for you, want to live my whole life with you,
holding hands and taking care of you forever,
I'll always be the one standing with you, I wont go ever.
My life and I belong to you......U can do any thing,

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