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Through out the years you have been by my side, Times have come and times have
gone but you were with me all along. Throughout the times in my life both good
and bad you were my guide. You were the best through and through. Your spirit
unique, proud, honest, caring. These few words can only begin to describe the


When the rage consumes
all thoughts what do you do?
Pacing the room endlessly
searching for a nameless release.

Would You

Where did you come from? How did this come to be? I thought the barrier was
impenetrable. I guess I was wrong. My mind I can't seem to control, the feelings
and thoughts come on their own. You cannot deny your heart or try to fool your
mind. You can lie to yourself, yet only you know the cause of your pain. To give in

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Eric T 02 August 2003

Hey gayle what are you up to these days

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