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Am I Alone?

Stuck in the middle of no where,
The calling came and i was confused.
Confused mind.
Confused person.who is calling.

Prevention And Cure

Prevention and cure
Curing under review.
I am the only one who
Make the individual spend all they worked for.

Am I Really Poor?

Am really poor?
As a cottager,
am i really poor?
I have rivers.

Zone Of Dismay

My bed where i used to rest
Doesn't provides the comfort i desire.
My pillow,
So hard like tarkwaian rock.

The Horror Of Love

patiently i waited.
As i watched the clock tick.
My entire life was reserved.
For a better performance.

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31 August 2016

The greatest remuneration to art works at times is not the millions its offers the poet but the sort of acceptance the work get from the world

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