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The key to freedom
The passport to success
The inheritance of no stress
The pillar of a kingdom

I am special
Special in the sight of God
Worthy in the heart of many
God called me blessed

Oh! Little children
I want to tell you something
You know daddy is trying
And mummy is doing her best

You are the hope of the land
I am the hope of this land
We are the hope of Africa
The joy of our four fathers


Smile with no season
Smile for no reason
Smile brings the best beauty on your face
Frown makes the worst ugly of your face

Where the dark turns to light
Light turns to morning
Morning turns to day
Day turns to dusk

I am made of greatness
I am destined to be great
I am a sign of success
I am success by name

The hard time is the hard moments
The time when there seems to be no help
The time when there seems to be no hope
The time when there seems to be an end

In the galleon I stand
Watching the boatman paddling to the place of pleasure
We are on a trip for treasure
In a glimpse at the sea shore

In my lonely place
I knelt to praise my lord
In my lonely place
I made my request known to Him

You came to this world alone
You will walk on the road alone
No one has the key to your success
Except you alone

Winner of all greatness willing souls
Offloader of all irrational thoughts with oeuvre
Lozenge for all corrupted minds
Eyeglasses for all hopes of the world

The power that made a sea to be a walking path for men
The power that turned water to blood
The power that brought fire on the grass and the grass never got burnt
That is the only magic I know

I hope to be with you again
I hope to feel your breath again
I hope to hold your hands again
I hope to kiss your lips again

If you find yourself on the sea
And the ship borrows the sea's cap
And you think you will sink
Down the sea, you'll see yourself.

When the dark cloud comes to life
The sky makes the birds to dive
The sky does not dark for long
Stars will still come out to listen to song

The day you walked into my life
I thought I have found the precious thing in life
My heart became hungry for your love
You showered me with a disguise love

Your struggle in life
You want to be rich in life
You want to be great in life
You don't want to be left behind

Oh! You daughter of Maiden
How do you feel
I heard you feel tired
Why would you be tired?

Early morning
Looking tony
Beautiful morning
Looking funny

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The key to freedom
The passport to success
The inheritance of no stress
The pillar of a kingdom
Education is the best property to have
It is the only assurance of a better future
Thank your gods for giving you education
Because that is the cause of celebration
My mama told me education is the best
That it will make me to be a relevant person in life
Now I know what she meant
I have overcome my discrimination by my education
Thank you mama for your consideration
Education is important in human lives
It will cost you but it will never lost you
Friends may betray but education will never betray
Value it in your life.

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Bad teacher will bring to life bad student, bad student will destroy better nation

So many things will happen when you've gotten your breakthrough, never give still have a purpose to fulfill.

Slow and steady wins the itself is patience...take things easy...don't take pleasure in taking shortcut...

Time is not a friend of goes like a flame..not talking but making a sign of importance to take cognisance of.

Every drop of rain is an assurance of bountiful harvest at the end of farming...have faith, work, and pray..the lord will crown your effort...Never be discouraged by the hard time.

If you can try and understand the language of the stars, you will know that what they say is that you will shine everywhere you go, nomatter how dark the sky may be, people will still see you shining..never give up!

Happiness is all we must have..nomatter d condition, never forget to remain happy.

It doesn't matter what you're going through today, I doesn't matter what anybody says, what really matter is what you gonna do to achieve your goals in life..Never Give Up!

There is always a future for those who refuse to give up..everyday is an opportunity to achieve a new to live and live and live forever..

The number one thing to consider when in the company of friends or foes is that whatever you do among them will make or mar your reputation..protect your image from the mud.

You have to find pleasure in doing what you know how to do very well..that's the only signature you brought to life..and through that, you will be a peculiar person

In any level or position you find urself, never forget where you're coming from, never forget those who you left behind, 'cos they contribute in one way or the other to your success

Friends are sometimes difficult to understand, they sometimes influence you in a way you can't explain, but it's good to have someone you can call ur friend..cos they'll make you the best person you want to be.

Whatever you do today, determines your tomorrow..never indulge in worhtless things..try to do what will add to your progress in life

It's a matter of time and how determined you are..Therefore, Never Give Up!

Don't be discouraged by people's thought about you..while some may think you're bad, some may be the other way round..all I'm saying is that, nomatter your look, colour, shape, attitude, character, language, level, background, etc. You will still find someone who will LOVE you JUST because you are you. Someone will surely LOVE you JUST the way you are

To make a difference, you've got to be yourself, understand your world, have your principles and strictly adhere to it. Without that, there is no way you can make a difference, 'cos you'll be doing what somebody else has done.Life is you, you are life..determine your life, don't let anybody or anything do that on your behalf.

There is no comfort in being somebody else, you can only know yourself when you be yourself...

I'm not encouraging you to continue with failure, but I'm encouraging you not to see failure at the end of your world...never say never, a second is enough for the tide to turn for you.

A life filled with HOPE is a life void of you have a HOPE?

That you are failing does not mean you are waning, rather, you are gaining.

So many things will happen when you've gotten your breakthrough, never give still have a purpose to fulfill.

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