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A Poem To My Grandmother

I never thought i would have a bigger mother,
in the form of my sweet grandmother,
as she lives life to the fullest knowing life could end at any minute.


Mom oh mom without you i am no one.
Whenever i needed u,
you were always there for me,
mom oh mom without you i am no one.


God is the one unseen by anyone,
but he is the one felt within everyone.

He is the one who shows the light when its dark,

Valentines Day

Two lovers come together to show their love for each other,
on a day we all know as the valentines day.

The two lovers exchange gifts give each other a kiss

Natures Scene

I row my boat through the seas,
surrounded by the beautiful trees,
as i take in the majestic scene.

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hi im geet plz rate my poems and leave your comments and tell me how my poems are and how i can make them better :)

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