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I grew up in Donegal to me one of the most stunning corners of the world, with beautiful beaches, forests and mountains it has inspired me so much through my life but also everyday encounters and experiences, I am also a singer/songwriter I play guitar and sing, I love to be creative and my head is always full

I am a huge animal lover and nature lover
I think this is apparent in my poems and what I write
I hope you enjoy my poems
& thanks so much for reading
Gem :) x

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Howling Wolf

I am the one who walks alone
Upon this land my footprints roam
Passing over ancient stone
I am the one who walks alone

Sometimes upon a chance
I may meet my pack and do a dance
But after we have a play
I leave them all and head away

When the day turns to night
& all the creatures are out of sight
the full moon does appears
From a distant u can hear
me howl it echo’
through the years

I am the lonely wolf
I am an ancient soul
I am the one who some fear
But why do hunters slayed my kin
Only for to wear their skin
I will never understand
I am the ancient one
who roams the land

On every full moon that does appear
I raise my head to the moon
with no fear
I howl oh I will howl
& it will echo’s through the years

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Gemma Heaney Popularity

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