George Cosbuc Poems

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Decebal To His People

This life is a lost boon if you
Don't live it as you wanted to!
Much would a warlike, ruthless foe

Spring Harbingers

From sunny countries and skies blue
From which last autumn-tide you flew,
Return, dear birds, where you belong,
Most welcome, you!

The Poet

A soul in the soul of my people am I
And sing of its sorrows and joys,
For mine are your wounds and I cry

The Shadow

Your burnt offspring's smoke will wind
Peacefully towards the skies
Only if you bear in mind
That when you go to the sun,

Three, Mighty God, All Three!

He had three sons and they, all three,
When called, for the encampment left;
So the poor father was bereft

We Want Land

I'm hungry, naked, homeless, through,
Because of loads I had to carry;
You've spat on me, and hit me - marry,
A dog I've been to you !

The Insolvent Debtor

Home walked she from the mill
Her sack was down and she
Could not lift it again.
'May I help?' 'What?' 'For pay!'

Second To None

Her shoulders with fair braids are graced,
Lithe as the wheat-stem is her waist,
Her sable apron laced with taste -

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