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To My Grand-Daughter

Whoop-tee-do and icky-poo, my grand-daughter I love you.
Sticky suckers in my car, and grass hoppers in a jar.
Grandma’s girl with her new bike, trying to make it go right.
I can’t, I can’t—you can, you can! You big doll you’re bound to win.

Hills Of Home

Riding old pete over the hills, finding Indian head pennies and arrow heads
In those pine covered hills of home.
The dog was baying away, and was found with three badgers cornered in a cave.
Papa didn’t like the looks of those critters, he blew away two, and one

The Man With The Round Shoulders

Milking cows, then off to school, milking cows again before the day would end.
This lad of five, helping his dad, and family to survive.
Going to a little school in the country, he finished grade school in six years
Rather in a hurry.

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