Georgia Rose Mclane Collins

Georgia Rose Mclane Collins

Jersey City, New Jersey
Georgia Rose Mclane Collins
Jersey City, New Jersey
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John F. Kennedy

When you were just three years you were so brave
A little soldier saluting his daddy's grave
We watched you grow the cutest little boy
You gave us so many memories and so much joy Then as life would have it I looked and you had grown up

The Abominable Sin

I turn on my T.V. Lord what did I see
White teens beat a black boy I think it was three
Where God did they learn such a terrible abominable hate
They were taught by their parents to unlearn it's too late

Lost At Sea

Three bright souls were lost at sea
ships out searching found all three
John was the star and icon for us all
Never dreaming on flight his plane could fall. Carolyn sweet so loving and kind

Where Is Compassion?

Where is compassion Lord where has it gone
Where is the peace for which we all long
The world is indifferent cruel and cold
The people have gotten evil and bold

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