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Ozota Gerald is a prolific writer of poetry, short stories and an actor. He let's his reader view the world through his mind with the power of the pen.

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27 May 2016

Optimism is one of the narrow road in life where we see the true face of GOD

27 May 2016

Life could be an easy road if only we make our construction from the architectural plan of GOD

28 May 2016

I still believe in family, still believe in blood that is the true site where true love and patriotism lies

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I Wish I Knew My Dad

wish I knew my dad
I wouldn't think of what to write
Or what song to sing beside your grave
I wouldn't lament of our fighting days
Nor cry that you left so early

I wish I knew my dad
I wouldn't carry this pain of guilt
That I left you without looking back
I wouldn't feel there was more to be
Other than the man I thought I am

I wish I knew my dad
I will never wish for someone better
I would never feel that it's just distance
Tryingto really make me feel you are gon

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Gerald Obinna Popularity

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