Francis Duggan Ghosts Poems

The Ghosts Of The Old Mine Shaft

The ghosts of the old mine shaft they come out in the night
On the galvanize of the old mine shed their shadows seen in the moonlight
And little doubt on the galvanize not the shadow of a tree
But the images of miners it seems obvious to me.

His Ghosts Of The Mind

It is said he is a genius one of a rare kind
But he cannot hide from his ghosts of the mind
For as long as he live with him they will stay
Though strong medication does keep them at bay

Of Ghosts And Ghost Stories

Of ghosts and ghosts stories I read of and hear
But I don't fear the dead 'tis the living I fear
'Tis only the living can take human life
By bomb or steel bar or by bullet or knife.

The Ghosts Of The Bunurong

On the sand dunes at Powlett river in the dead of the night
Dark shadows are moving in the faint moonlight
The Ghosts of the Bunurong dance their Corroborees
In a circle they jig to the music of the breeze.

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