Gokul Anand Deenan

Rookie [Gokul Anand] (24-06-1990 / Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India)

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Who Is Happy At Work?

Hey Developer! Who is happy?

I'm a slave eventhough I'm bright
Cannot go home when it's bright

Lines of code, I have to write
Get reprimanded if it's not right

Give more work and Never can I say no
How I wish I was the CEO

Ask my boss, he is the one I know

Hey Manager! Who is happy?

I'm alone though I'm on the throne
Recession and I'm the one thrown

His mistake but I answer
Advise him and you are a monster

A gang of thugs I have to oversee
I wish I'm asked to administer just the PC

Ask my Developer, he is ...

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