Grace Gardiner Poems

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Lying Under The Stars Together

Now it’s just me and you
Lying under the stars together
I can hear your heart beating
While we’re lying under the stars together

~beautiful Butterfly~

I see you gracefully floating around
Not a care in the world
Not a thought in the sky

Shattered Trust

I pick up the shattered piece of mirror on the floor
I look at my reflection
I can’t help it
I don’t want this anymore

'Music Is My Drug'

Music is my drug
It’s running through my veins
Every night and everyday, it takes away the pain
The beat is all I need

A Monday Morning

The sun is rising over the fields
I tilt my head in wonder
Listening to the birds sing in perfect harmony
The corners of my mouth form a little smile on my face

Whispering Trees

Lying in the breeze, just listening to the trees whispering to me
“Don’t tell anyone” they would plea
“Don’t tell anyone the truths about what we’ve said”.

All I Think About

You...are the only one I think about
One glance at you and my heart skips a beat
You are the teardropp to my eye
The music to my beat.

You'Re Gone

You're gone now
I don't know what to make of it
I'm a mess...I don't want to believe it.

When Your Life Became A Lie

I can see the hatred in your eyes
I know you’re crying inside
It’s the way you stand
As if you don’t belong

Look At What We'Ve Done

The blue skies have gone
The sun has melted away
The angles have disappeared,
Now it’s the demons time to play

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