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Taken By Surprise

Life may take us by surprise
Happy it may be or sad,
Attitude's what helps us rise
When life circumstance is bad.


Is Christmas ‘bout celebrations?
Its joy… result from gifts?
Or is it just remembrance of
A birth that caused some sifts?

Crushed Dreams

Dreams are shattered,
No chance to mend the pieces.
Feelings, hopes all scattered,
A broken heart whose pain unease's

Live In Festive Existence (Life)

At the circus I saw this fact,
A funny, hilarious and joyful act;
A presentation, exclusively intact,
With a room to bounce and have a chuckle.


Who's gonna defend that innocence?
Who will speak on her behalf?
Maybe she longs for a friend
Or maybe she lost her half.

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Grace Kusta Nasralla, BA, Hon D, MOS, MCT

Lebanese-Canadian, wife, mother, woman of faith, entrepreneur, business instructor & founder of Ontario Small Business Network (OSBN®) .

twitter: @osbnetwork | @myepresence | @myhuddlespace | @gkusta | @gracenasralla

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