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The vase can be broken, and thrown away.
The flowers will soon wither and then decay.
Friendship can't be bought, borrowed or stolen.
Friendship that is Friendship, is worth its weight in gold.


Officer's Prayer

Early in the morning the officer would pray,
"Help me, dear Jesus to lead someone to you today.
Let my life be a living example for you.
If not in my life, let my death bring others to you".

Nobody Said It Would Be Easy

Sometimes life can be so tough, and it's hard to understand.
Life may seem to be so cruel and that you haven't got a friend.
Sometimes life knocks you around,
First you're up, then you're down,

Be Professional

Was told I had to be professional and that's the bottom line.
So that's the reason, here I set a cryin'.
Most professionals that I know, are uptight all the time.
Some professional are tense, they never have a smile.

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