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Grace Nichols (born 1950) is a Guyanese poet, whose first collection, I is a Long-Memoried Woman (1983), won the Commonwealth Poetry Prize.
Grace Nichols was born in Georgetown, Guyana, and lived in a small village on the country's coast[1] until her family moved to the city when she was eight years old. She took a Diploma in Communications from t ...

Grace Nichols Poems


Lying on the sofa
all curled and meek
but in my furry-fuzzy head

Like a Beacon

In London
every now and then
I get this craving
for my mother's food

For Forest

Forest could keep secrets
Forest could keep secrets

Forest tune in every day
to watersound and birdsound

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Bobby 19 June 2018

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Ny nan 02 October 2018

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ur mom 06 February 2021


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David 09 June 2020

I definitley know the poem Tabby by Grace Nichols and it is not in here. This is not a good website

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Bobby 04 March 2020

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LegoRogue 08 June 2019

Poems can be very inspirational and Grace is no exception. She is one if not the best poets I have ever listened to and she is a credit to us all.

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