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Don’t cover your face with your long bangs;
Try to hide your figure with your hands.
Look away when eyes lock into yours
Because you feel

To all those little people who knows not what they do;

For all the Lilliputians

We were young and carefree,
Wild; never listening.
Try to conduct us to the right, its unmanageable.
Like standing in front of a towering wave,

It is not those glassy cold eyes,
Reflecting the still moonlight
With equal coldness;
That scares me.


I am sad-
Don’t ask me for its depth.
There’s just a horrible sinking-
Swallowing every breath that comes;

The world is a controversial place,
We don’t mean what we say.
Does yes really mean yes;
Are words just barbaric plays?

If words were enough to express what I feel
I would tell you so.


Grace Tan Biography

I'm a sixteen year old girl from Singapore. Started writing when I was around 14, and posting it up on the net when I was fifteen. Poetry has been a passion of my life, and I hope that you will understand my poems and enjoy it, just like I enjoy all of yours. Let's make life beautiful with our poems...)

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Don’t cover your face with your long bangs;
Try to hide your figure with your hands.
Look away when eyes lock into yours
Because you feel
They’ll cringe at the sight.

Don’t converse with the floor when you walk;
Avoid all the people that pass.
Slouch down, hunchbacked, in a crowd
Desperately, trying hard
To merge with the ground.

Don’t tell yourself you won’t pass;
Talk in a whisper.
Contract your open hand, fist it,
Drawing in,
Clutched tightly with your heart.

Don’t frown at your image on the tainted glassframe;
Look at me- I mean what I say.
Stand tall. Chest up. Look straight.
I twirled you around.
Tucked a stray hair gently behind your ear,
Wiped off the tears with my hands
And stared.

You’re beautiful.

So many have yet to see, my friend.
When our world and views are so blemished;
Superficial reigning like an implorable mountain,
Where minds cannot compass through the mists
To find the unsullied hearts below.

But even if this unwinding path continues
Let time not wait, and pass,
But mine voice to you
Past your teary eyes,
Gaze upon you, and whisper:


Grace Tan
25 Jan ‘07

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Julius Babarinsa 22 February 2007

Grace, I have read all the eight poems you have at Poemhunter today. My conclusion is that you are a very talented writer. Words flow from your mind very easily. Some poets are born while many are made. Grace, you are one of the born poets. I have no doubt in my mind that you will go far in life. Very few people possess your type of writing abilities. Shall we attribute your talents to your Scorpio sign born in the year of the Horse? I will say YES. Please never stop writing. From - Julius Babarinsa

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