RoseAnn V. Shawiak Granddaughter Poems

Granddaughter's Puppy's Death

Granddaughter's radiant angel face marred for the
moment by an intense sadness as she said once more,
crying and wiping away her tears of love, Jazzie's
my puppy!

Granddaughter Dancing

Child-like movements bringing ecstasy to an
undeveloped mind, dancing with seniors playfully,
enjoying self and bonding with those around her.
Smiles and laughter, eyes meeting soul to soul

Granddaughter's Halloween

Halloween - a sometimes scary holiday - but not this

Granddaughter's Eyes

Holding my youngest granddaughter, looking into her eyes
with a heart filled with love.
Seeing lights reflected in her eyes from a disco ball and
light, as she sat mesmerized in a trance.

Little Granddaughter

Holding my granddaughter in my arms, sound asleep.
Kissing her forehead gently so as not to wake her up.
Heart swelling with love beyond itself, eyes stinging from tears of joy.
God touching our souls as one, our granddaughter, full of the Holy Spirit - leading her through life and guiding her according to God's love.

Granddaughter Singing

Granddaughter stepping up to the mike, singing softly,
but distinctly to the audience.

Clapping easing the butterflies in soloists stomachs,

Granddaughter's Innocence

Touching nature through musical memories,
watching my Granddaughter on the front
lawn as she happily waves her arms excitedly -
when she sees a butterfly flying around the

Beautiful Granddaughter

Little beauty, walking through nature's bountiful
treasures, learning about their senses and combining
them with hers.

Granddaughter Coming Into Her Own

Watching my Granddaughter coming into her own at last,
pushing through her shyness and quiet attitude, wanting
to bust out and find herself through music and rhythms.

A Granddaughter's Swim Meet

Resurrecting life in a desert heat, children play and
compete at Encanto Pool.


Our beautiful Granddaughter, eyes sparkling with the
happiness of life as I hold her hand in mine and take
walks with our imaginations in full swing.

A Friend's Granddaughter

Beautifully posed, ready to get up and pirouette through
life unafraid, an innate talent providing enjoyment and
entertainment, not just for herself, but anyone who sees
her flowing to musical rhythms, softly, gently unto herself.

Granddaughter, Gifted Beyond Measure

A gentle voice breaking the sound barrier with her
innocence and naivete.
Only being three, yet has ages of wisdom - child-like
within her.

Youngest Granddaughter

A beautiful smile, a look of wonder and discovery,
a life completely open to all endeavors, whatever
they may be.
Totally adorable, loving, innocent and beautiful,

Graduating Granddaughter

Granddaughters growing up, one just graduating from high school,
an honor student, in student government, many honors befitting
her studies.

Granddaughter's High School Graduation

This evening at another Granddaughter's graduation, this one from
high school with honors, student government, being a well-rounded
young woman of sixteen.

Youngest Granddaughter's Graduation

This morning going to my Granddaughter's kindergarten graduation,
her little eyes and face lit up like a lantern, smiling beautifully,
running to give us a hug.

One Granddaughter Now Sixteen

Sitting here at the senior center with my Granddaughter,
she's doing her homework on her lap top for summer school,
a very smart young girl.

Granddaughter Overcoming Shyness

Watching my nine year old Granddaughter dancing with others
upon the dance floor.

Looking like a professional, filled with rhythm, stepping

Youngest Granddaughter's Birthday

Awakening to a totally new day, looking forward to new
experiences and having fun with my Granddaughter, for
today is her 6th birthday.

Granddaughter On Stage

Wonderful morning, our Granddaughter up on stage, singing
Christmas carols in her school concert.

Standing amongst all the students, dressed all in bright

Watching My Granddaughter Open Up

Settling into a spiritual contemplation, serene throughout,
at peace with the world as I watch my Granddaughter open
like a flower bud with those around her.
Dancing, accepting the friendliness of elderly people.

Granddaughter's Soccer Clinic

Here at Phoenix College with my Granddaughter, she's in
a soccer clinic with a silver medalist from Brazil, learn-
ing how to be a better player.

Granddaughter's 1st Volley Ball Game

Watching my Granddaughter's first volley ball game ever,
suddenly she got hit smack in the face with the ball,
she's alright, but needs to sit this first round out.

Enjoying Time With Granddaughter

Listening to children laughing, screaming, talking, having
fun here at a McDonald's playground in Phoenix, here with
one of my Granddaughters who's not interested in playing.

Granddaughter's Swimming Lessons

Watching my Granddaughter at her swimming lessons,
she's just awesome!

Having learned how to swim when she was a year old,

Granddaughter's Award Assembly

Realizing the beauty of an education in an early
morning awards assembly for our Granddaughter who
is now nine years old.

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