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The Ruby Slippers

Kansas dust and Kansas drab and dull
Left me rusty and kept me a girl-
So little air of loving, and of love less,
No gladness in my heart whirled.

Song Of Dan’l Boone

I’ve had enough of little men
Who dreamed the opaque moon caroused,
Who drain their whiskey dram, and then
Refuse the dreams such frenzies rouse.

Ordinary Things

There's a dark deep down in ordinary things
Resists our bringing them into view,
Or else in bringing them what light we bring,
As if to ask the question 'Who are you? '

To A Summer Hailstorm

I have been in existential hail
Since Noah first began to bail;
Hailstorm, shake me till my sadness goes;
Strike me till new blood flows.


I mend an image worn
By sitting, by fluffing, by naps:
A spatter of nasturtiums
In a delightful but unnatural pattern

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