Guadalupe Cruz

Guadalupe Cruz Poems

1. Oh Mother Not Cry 7/23/2012
2. I Am Give Up 7/23/2012
3. God Open Door 9/16/2012
4. Here Come Good Bye 10/2/2012
5. I Found 10/26/2012
6. I'M Moving' On 12/12/2012
7. Where Should Be Without Your Love 12/16/2012
8. You Make Ever Thing Different 12/16/2012
9. All I Wish My Birthday 12/24/2012
10. Both Walking The Some Road 12/28/2012
11. What Is Love 7/22/2012
12. Where Are You At? 1/10/2013
13. Forgive Me 1/16/2013
14. You Are With Me. 1/22/2013
15. Look Up 4/28/2013
16. My Help Comes Up 4/28/2013
17. Dream Boy 1/14/2013
18. I Am Two Worlds 1/14/2013
19. Without You 1/10/2013
20. Who Is The Girl Look At Me 7/22/2012
21. I Will Never Forget You 1/14/2013

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I Will Never Forget You

Even though you are away from me sometimes you are close inside. Often I make up a story in my head to pretend you are here; holding hands at the beach, watching movies together. I create these scenes because I can not stop thinking about you. I want to take you away from my heart, but I can not. When I see your eyes, I look at them and try to forget, but I can't. When I see your eyes, they make me happy and remind me why you are still so deeply stuck in my heart. Tell me why you are away from me and sometimes with her. Tell me do you want to be with me? I will never forget you. How I can ...

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What Is Love

Love is just a world. Love is a feel. Love is strong. Love can make do things that you thought you will never do. Love makes you happy. For love you would give everything to be happy. Love make like your flying. For love people can live with out eat or drink. Love is give. Love can make you give up something so that person you love can be happy.

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