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I am an ordinary boy,
living a struggle life.
Fighting to survive.
I am not a quieter,

Life had become a disastrous,
poverty is spread everywhere in the world.

When we need God the most,

No one knows how empty my life is without you.
No one knows when I am crying that I am crying for you.
When they think I am laughing,
I'm still wishing you were near.

She is walking barefoot on the dirt ground full of rocks and nails,
with clothes ripe all over her body.
Her legs at nights are like an open door,
welcoming the master to give her children.

I don't regret I know you
I am happy to know you.
yes, I guess my journey starts here
Here without you.

You said you loved me,
I said it to.
You said you cared for me.
I said it to

When I first saw you, I could not stop staring.
When I first heard your voice, I always wanted to hear it all the time.
Baby when you were not around, my heart shook like an earthquake.
Baby, I wish you can see the deepness of my love and the star gleaming in my eyes.

You are the one that I love.
You are the one that I need.
You are the one I want to be with.
You are the one I will fight for.

It has been so long sitting on a chair,
waiting for a knock on my door.
Our relationship won't mean anything.
Unless I pen to you what I need.

Why whispering, if we can express our self to the world?
Why whispering, when we have something to say?
Why whispering, when we have to fight to survive?
How can we stay alive, when we are whispering?

You promised that you'll be back.
Even though a day would seem like a million years,
I waited for the both of us.
Today, my heart is like a broken window.

Life is all about taking chances,
life is so painfu.l
We take humiliation from our own people.
We get killed by our master.

The pain of life is knowing that you were unwanted.
To be thrown out like an abandoned garbage on the streets.
Life is a pain,
A pain to the heart.

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My name is Guenael Oristel, I was Raised in Haiti by a Mother who struggled to take care me and my half-sister. I graduated from Ms61 and Clara Barton High school. I am currently attending College of Staten Island. I am studying psychology in science and later physical therapist.)

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Who Am I

I am an ordinary boy,
living a struggle life.
Fighting to survive.
I am not a quieter,
I am not a follower.
I listen to my own heart talking
I am strong,
strong as a rock.

I don't stay on the ground,
when they knock me down.
I have a lot of people surrounding me,
there's no need to feel lonely.

This is Who I Am

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