Guy Wetmore Carryl

(1873-1904 / the United States)

Guy Wetmore Carryl Poems

1. The Hospitable Caledonian And The Thankless Viper 9/7/2010
2. The Iconoclastic Rustic And The Apropos Acorn 9/7/2010
3. The Impetuous Breeze And The Diplomatic Sun 9/7/2010
4. The Impecunious Cricket And The Frugal Ant 9/7/2010
5. The Microscopic Trout And The Machiavellian Fisherman 9/7/2010
6. The Persevering Tortoise And The Pretentious Hare 9/7/2010
7. The Precipitate Cock And The Unappreciated Pearl 9/7/2010
8. The Singular Sangfroid Of Baby Bunting 9/7/2010
9. Harlequin 10/1/2012
10. June 10/1/2012
11. The Passing Of Pan 10/1/2012
12. Shells 10/1/2012
13. The Confidant Peasant And The Maladroit Bear 9/7/2010
14. Paris 10/1/2012
15. Hesperia 10/1/2012
16. The Unusual Goose And The Imbecilic Woodcutter 9/7/2010
17. The Pampered Lapdog And The Misguided Ass 9/7/2010
18. The Impetuous Breeze And The Diplomatic Sun 9/7/2010
19. How Rumplestilz Held Out In Vain For A Bonus 9/7/2010
20. At Twilight 9/7/2010
21. How A Beauty Was Waked And Her Suitor Was Suited 9/7/2010
22. Ad Finem Fideles 9/7/2010
23. The Inhuman Wolf And The Lamb Sans Gene 9/7/2010
24. The Patrician Peacocks And The Overweening Jay 9/7/2010
25. The Rude Rat And The Unostentatious Oyster 9/7/2010
26. The Urban Rat And The Suburban Rat 9/7/2010
27. Atlantis 10/1/2012
28. How Jack Made The Giants Uncommonly Sore 9/7/2010
29. The Abbreviated Fox And His Sceptical Comrades 9/7/2010
30. The Ambitious Fox And The Unapproachable Grapes 9/7/2010
31. Gettysburg 10/1/2012
32. Gloria Mundi 10/1/2012
33. The Embarrasing Episode Of Little Miss Muffet 3/20/2015
34. Phoebus Apollo 10/1/2012
35. The Impecunious Cricket And The Frugal Ant 9/7/2010
36. How Jack Found That Beans May Go Back On A Chap 9/7/2010
37. When The Great Gray Ships Come In 9/7/2010
38. How Beauty Contrived To Get Square With The Beast 9/7/2010
39. How Fair Cinderella Disposed Of Her Shoe 9/7/2010
40. The Fog 10/1/2012
Best Poem of Guy Wetmore Carryl

How A Cat Was Annoyed And A Poet Was Booted

A poet had a cat.
There is nothing odd in that—
(I might make a little pun about the Mews!)
But what is really more
Remarkable, she wore
A pair of pointed patent-leather shoes.
And I doubt me greatly whether
E'er you heard the like of that:
Pointed shoes of patent-leather
On a cat!

His time he used to pass
Writing sonnets, on the grass—
(I might say something good on pen and sward!)
While the cat sat near at hand,
Trying hard to understand
The poems he occasionally roared.
(I myself possess a feline,
But when poetry I roar...

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At Twilight

Was it so long? It seems so brief a while
Since this still hour between the day and dark
Was lightened by a little fellow’s smile;
Since we were wont to mark
The sunset’s crimson dim to gold, to gray,
Content to know that, though he loved to roam
Care-free among the comrades of his play,
Twilight would lead him home.

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