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I'm not very good at poetry, but I actually tried writing one. I hope some people like it. My self-confidence with submitting things stinks BADLY.

I don't write here often at all, but in conflicts where my mind is in la-la land, I actually get an idea and feel compelled to put it on paper. So I did. Hopefully, I'll be able to write more, at some point in time.

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A Game Of Cards

When we first met, we were the best of friends
Our connection truly bloomed
We found the way to every end
But didn't think of the impending doom

I keep my thoughts silent, in my head
I'm a full-on introspective
Contrary to me, she's open-minded
With advice and clothes, she is selective

I'm the brain, the novice artist
I've been through problems before
Yes, she's considered the Alpha wolf
But oh, there's always more

He comes along, like the others did
Flirting and smiling, all the same
He gets comfortable and plays with her
My pity and hate, I struggle to retain

As time passes, he's very comfy
He looks to me with his prize
'She's a person, not a toy, ' I think
But only do then I realize

There is a line – a long one at that
Of cute guys and people waiting
Holding flowers and chocolate, along with their lips
But claiming her body, they're contemplating

I sat back and wondered,
'What should I do? Could our friendship be torn? '
With this inner gossip, I see I'm selfish
My mental state has now been worn

I grow cold, sarcastic, and distant
Bias infects and deeply spreads
With all this stress, I'm going to die
But I'm already wishing I was dead

This paper, my confiding friend
My one and now only zen
I find myself wishing upon nothing
That things could be the way they were then

Now she's upset and I don't know why
'Go ask him! He makes EVERYTHING well! '
I suddenly remember, 'No, wait. She'd cry.'
And like I thought, he appears and she's calmed
'Aww, damn it all to Hell.'

I then see I'm not a good friend
But they believe they 'dote on thee'
I don't have a part and'll never want one
Because no one ever thinks of me

My eyes! They're clouded. I cannot see
Past this fog of misery
What lies ahead? A new decision?
A locked door lands in front of me

I struggle, I weep, I try to keep
My sanity. I'm torn in two
Between what I want and what's her choice
Someone says, 'She's part of you.'

But he wants her and she loves him
I think this isn't right
I back out. It's not my life.
And then I'm blinded by a light

A flash of cream, white, or silver
Whatever it was, 'tis now gone
Meanwhile we're all sitting at a table
Her body, his eyes are on

I smile oddly, getting into the groove
C'mon, Friend, break my heart into a thousand shards!
I'm lying in wait for your next move
In this controversial game of cards

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Hakaishi Uchiha Popularity

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