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Those fireflies around the lantern...
They know their fate.
yet, they are in haste
to burn and waste

I get lazy when a dream of you is being delivered
to me, I find awakening a difficult task,
as I see you in the vision,
bringing a flood of fire,

Red colors...
Remind me of the forgotten sunsets.
Red, like the cheeks of a shy flower, innocent.
Floating on the Clouds, Swaying in the dark.

I sank the room in the dark,
and lit the candles one by one,
but the romance won't fill air,
till the waiting is done.

For nights my dream is missing,
till now I'm obsessed thinking,
yet, no way to start looking
for prints of a harmonic foot.

A daylight sets off for fading and fading,
and starts to make a poet wander dreaming.
A rainbow, a poem, in my mind awakening,
to remind me that you're my moonlight.

It was somewhere under the moonlight,
where I could see those eyes full of rhyme.
Where I could rhythm those lips,
by a flow of love, by tender and a kiss.

You come, with the breeze of night,
and it is my corpus of candles,
you come, and ignite.
I see your soft skin, which reflects like the moon,

A ten years old, curious boy asked an old man:

'Hey mister, why have you grabbed, under your weak shoulder, a cane? '

The old man answered with eyes staring at the view of sun's abate:

'Son as there are no dears left for me, and every second I get older.

Always waiting faced the gate
that you might break through,
yet you delay the dawn.

There is not a vent in the walls,

I wandered in a garden alone, carrying a blunder on my own.
Among the yellow and greens of God, shame was my glory and crown.

Under a blue glassy sky, staring dumbly wondering why

The moon and the sun
crept to me
in an atmosphere of red sunset.
I was amidst a terrible piece of writing...

I have been waiting for you long enough inside my mind,
Yet, I know not who you are,
or which soul can save you from that rusty cage.
You who I ever dreamt of...

Blue color is what I hate,
even the feathery snowflakes.
I despise the breeze that comes
dulls the mind, cuddles the soul,

I stared at the moon, numbly.
Lips can't move, images come quietly.
Glowing redness. Glittering senses, ignite...
Within my soul, the lone thread of light!

Tears grow
from the depth of my heart,
and they bloom...
Alas! They bloom to the sky

The sun sets, but you ignite
my senses when you appear.
Your hand comes like a breeze
It calms, numbs, and freezes

Halsho Zangana Biography

I am a paintist, but I have a tendency towards writing poetry even English is not my native language, but sometime things come to my mind that I want them to remain... so I record them by words. I wanted to share a bit of my works with you, hope you enjoy reading it. Thank you.)

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Fire Flies

Those fireflies around the lantern...
They know their fate.
yet, they are in haste
to burn and waste
themselves for warmth!

They tell the story of a lost poet,
that binds his days,
which like theirs are short,
just to make a slot
for his need and must,
to deliver his theme,
which is to consume himself,
to ignite his dream.

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