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Han Yu Poems

1. Thoughts In The Cold 8/13/2012
2. North Among Green Vines 8/13/2012
3. The Inlaid Harp 8/13/2012
4. To One Unnamed 8/13/2012
5. The Palace Of The Sui Emperor 8/13/2012
6. To One Unnamed I 8/13/2012
7. To One Unnamed Ii 8/13/2012
8. In The Camp Of The Sketching Brush 8/13/2012
9. To One Unnamed Iii 8/13/2012
10. Spring Rain 8/13/2012
11. To One Unnamed Iv 8/13/2012
12. To One Unnamed V 8/13/2012
13. The Leyou Tombs 8/13/2012
14. Note On A Rainy Night To A Friend In The North 8/13/2012
15. A Message To Secretary Linghu 8/13/2012
16. The Han Monument 8/13/2012
17. A Cicada 8/13/2012
18. Wind And Rain 8/13/2012
19. Light Rain Early In Spring 8/13/2012
20. The Jade Pool 8/13/2012
21. To The Moon Goddess 8/13/2012
22. Jiasheng 8/13/2012
23. Falling Petals 8/13/2012
24. There Is Only One 8/13/2012
25. The Sui Palace 8/13/2012
26. Late Spring 8/13/2012
27. Snow In Spring 8/13/2012

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Best Poem of Han Yu

Snow In Spring

New year all not be luxuriant
2nd month first startle see grass shoot
White snow but suspect spring colour late
So penetrate pavilion tree make fly flower
The new year's come, but still the plants don't grow,
First in March I'm startled by grass shoots.
The white snow thinks the colours of spring are late,
So through the pavilion and trees it flies like blossom.

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Late Spring

Grass tree know spring soon return
Every way red purple contend beauty
Poplar flower elm seeds without beauty
Only know overflow sky make snow fly
The plants all know that spring will soon return,
All kinds of red and purple contend in beauty.
The poplar blossom and elm seeds are not beautiful,
They can only fill the sky with flight like snow.

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