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Am I crazy?
Yes, i'm crazy
The craziness flow
in my heart

In this place
It’s empty
It’s boring
I could do nothing

I want to scream
So everyone could hear

I want to whisper

Dont be shy
let's cry
enjoy the pains
that'll wash away your sins

How dare you
Make fun of me
How dare you
Break my patience

Dear myself...
when you're forced
it's hurt, isnt it?
so, why dont you release it?

North and south
Sky and earth
As far as I and them

Good morning my friends
Good evening my love
Good night my family
Good bye my dreams

Dare to say, it's absolut
Earthquake mean nothing to compare with
And no one able to ruin it
Then, one minute feels like forever

Why dont you speak?
Why dont you laugh?
Why dont you smile?
Why dont you cry?

Popping bubbles
muffling their rumbles

Blow a bubble

It hurts
hurts so much that you couldn't expect me to shut up

broken skin

I'm a trouble maker.
You knew it, for sure
I'm a trouble maker
I've never said I'm pure

God will punishes
People who have done sins
That just like me

I don’t want to cry
For that just give my strength away
I don’t want to cry
I don’t want to know what they say

Happy and joy,
the future would never come
let's play again, my friends
even until then i would never grow

Smiling is quite useful
It makes everyone easy to fool

Even my wounded heart

Greet all people in the wolrd, look!
Rainbow above us looks so happy
And the kids scream happily
Young girls giggled each other

Don't moan, don't whine
Not all the pearls shine

Keep smiling, stay innocent

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Am I Crazy?

Am I crazy?
Yes, i'm crazy
The craziness flow
in my heart
Through the darkness
in your eyes
I'm crazy
in you

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Che Phier 08 April 2009

He han.. Jahat oen.. Gag gelem mblez.. Rasakan senam yg menyiksa.. Hwahahaha.. Rasakan.. Q iming' bakso.. Duch, , ud de.. Q mw bli jus apokat dlu ah.. Trz beli tempura..

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Che Phier 06 April 2009

Kholiphathul.. Atit aph..? Adu.. Kacian.. .Repp.

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