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I cradled your lifeless figure in my arms
Smeared blood across my fingers as I
Stroked your porcelain skin and
Dark hair back over your glassy eyes

Tough times never hurt like these
When all went down I still had my dreams
But they’re stating to drift away
I’m beginning to lose my place

I never understood why you held so many secrets in your closed hands and only fluttered them open when our backs were turned to the walls. Walls can’t reflect the fragile heart we don’t see.

I never understood why you hurt so much, blood on the floor, vomit covering your brittle fingertips and the sweaty handprints trailing up through your bed to the ceiling attempting to rip holes from the paper box you’ve been placed in. When will you realise that your bones are already coated in the acid falling from your eyes? Let go. When will you go to sleep?

Ballet shoes strike the wooden floor, slipping in and out like a mop swiping away boredom
Dancers pirouette around continuously as they watch their perfect world spin in the most interesting ways
They step on and off point clattering the deadness of the still floorboards
It’s my dream, my future…

What if I told you
I’ve got a bruised heart
And my tears always fill in the dents
Would you try to drain out the hurt?

Stop, don’t tell me
About the shining gemstone in the sky
We call it a moon, but it’s somewhat beautiful
And when it sinks

Flowers searching with seedless eyes
Reaching for their destiny’s up above clouds of pale mystery
Trying to read the suns burning lines
But getting scorched on fingers of hope

Please, will you take a minute to look me in the eyes?
See this salty flood rushing down my cheeks
Salt heals- but it didn’t this time- it stung
The wounds resting under my skin

I thought today would be
Different, but there’s still blood smudged
Into my eyes, tears drowning my heart
It’s still a river of emotions stabbing on the


Your heart beats another million times
As another plane crosses the line
Missing everything
And more days are scraping

Let the sky hold you on its soft white tissues
As light as dust slowly devouring your once used bed
Watch the smooth daylight turn to rough black
Releasing stars of shining armor


Do you ever feel that life is like a book?
And you’re just a picture on a page,
Walking and talking, but not feeling any emotion,

If I fall will you catch me?
Before I hit the ground
And every hope I’ve got bleeds out
Will you feather life over my limp body?

Flowers swipe their soft petals against
Our skin, as we lay
Over the fresh green
Whispering secrets, faces lit up so bright

Watered down fears rolling over
Hills, swimming into your cracked disappointment
And trying to stitch a smile back together
But it’s already splintered out

The sun, it used to
Melt a waxy light
Over our land and blend the blues
Into pale clouds

As the city lights up
And flames burn into our hearts
We feel something more
Than happiness, so strong it hurts

Stars fall from the sky
Melting over a young girls heart as she cries
Her daddy’s gone
Says it’s where he belongs


Evening hit the cold skies
And stars melted a sliver of light
Down, dying over arms of your hurt
Folding out a ladder to escape

Dear someone,
Can you hear me crying?
And feel me dying
I’m only five

Hannah Hebditch Biography

I'm Hannah Hebditch and im a dancer and also a writer. I'm fourteen years old and I come from south Australia. I've always loved to write but it used to be mainly short stories, I never even thought of writing poetry. But one year ago when I found out I could be moving house I decided to write a poem for all my friends and other people I would miss, that's how it started. I've been writing poetry for a little bit over a year now and have realised over time that there is so much more to it than just words on a page. It's a huge part of my life and I hope to someday find a publishing company.)

The Best Poem Of Hannah Hebditch

Broken Girl

I cradled your lifeless figure in my arms
Smeared blood across my fingers as I
Stroked your porcelain skin and
Dark hair back over your glassy eyes

I’m afraid now, I was always afraid
When you visited home, you could barely move
You used to lay collapsed on the wooden floorboards
Closed eyes, without a smile
I was never sure whether to pry open
Your eyelids that were jammed shut so tightly
Or leave you thrown there
Your back arched over legs, head fallen
Kind of like the doll I threw out when
I was little, hideous thing it was

Oh though really, you’re beautiful, just too broken
I wanted to let you know that, but every time
I looked at you, I thought you would cry, I
Thought your heart would start to crack open
And your hurt would bleed over me as well,
I didn’t want that
I realise, it was never your fault
You were just a little girl, stuck in a hospital bed
With no life except your limp body hiding under
Pale sheets and blankets
(You always said you felt the cold rushing through you)

And when I finally had the courage to
Get you flowers and hug you tight
You were gone, lying there next to a gun
You lost hope and gave up so
Here I am holding you tight,
Loving you like you always wanted
Stroking your dark hair over your glassy eyes
So that you can’t see how sick you were,
How dead you are

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