Hannah More

(2 February 1745 – 7 September 1833 / near Bristol)

Hannah More Poems

1. Epitaph: On The Reverend Mr. Penrose 9/16/2010
2. Faith And Works. A Tale. 9/16/2010
3. On General Lawrence 9/16/2010
4. On Mrs. Blandford 9/16/2010
5. On Mrs. Little, In Redcliff Church, Bristol. 9/16/2010
6. On Sarah Stonhouse, Second Wife Of The Rev. Sir James Stonhouse, Bart. 9/16/2010
7. On The Reverend Mr. Hunter, Who Received A Degree From The University Of Oxford 9/16/2010
8. On The Reverend Mr. Love, In The Cathedral At Bristol 9/16/2010
9. On The Reverend Sir James Stonhouse, Bart. M.D., In The Chapel At The Hotwells, Bristol 9/16/2010
10. Reflections Of King Hezekiah, In His Sickness 9/16/2010
11. Inscription On A Cenotaph In A Garden, Erected To A Deceased Friend 9/16/2010
12. The Foolish Traveller; Or, A Good Inn Is A Bad Home 9/16/2010
13. Ode To Dragon 9/16/2010
14. On General Lawrence 9/16/2010
15. The Bleeding Rock: Or, The Metamorphosis Of A Nymph Into Stone 9/16/2010
16. Sir Eldred Of The Bower : A Legendary Tale: In Two Parts 9/16/2010
17. Daniel. A Sacred Drama 9/16/2010
18. A Christmas Hymn 9/16/2010
19. The Impossibility Conquered : Or, Love Your Neighbour As Yourself. 9/16/2010
20. On C. Dicey, Esq., In Claybrook Church, Leicestershire. 9/16/2010
21. The True Heroes : Or, The Noble Army Of Martyrs 9/16/2010
22. Humble And Unnoticed Virtue 9/16/2010
23. Florio : A Tale, For Fine Gentleman And Fine Ladies. In Two Parts 9/16/2010
24. The Bas Bleu: Or, Conversation. Addressed To Mrs. Vesey 9/16/2010
25. Ode To Charity 9/16/2010
26. Here And There 9/16/2010
27. Inscription In A Beautiful Retreat Called Fairy Bower 9/16/2010
28. The Search After Happiness. A Pastoral Drama 9/16/2010
29. War 9/16/2010
30. On A Young Lady 9/16/2010
31. The Slave Trade, A Poem 9/16/2010
Best Poem of Hannah More

The Slave Trade, A Poem

If heaven has into being deign'd to call
Thy light, O Liberty! to shine on all;
Bright intellectual Sun! why does thy ray
To earth distribute only partial day?
Since no resisting cause from spirit flows
Thy penetrating essence to opose;
No obstacles by Nature's hand imprest,
Thy subtle and ethereal beams arrest;
Nor motion's laws can speed thy active course,
Nor strong repulsion's pow'rs obstruct thy force;
Since there is no convexity in Mind,
Why are thy genial beams to parts confin'd?
While the chill North with thy bright ray is blest,
Why should fell ...

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Ode To Dragon

Dragon! since lyrics are the mode,
To thee I dedicate my Ode,
And reason good I plead:
Are those who cannot write, to blame
To draw their hopes of future fame,
From those who cannot read?

O could I, like that nameless wight,
Find the choice minute when to write,

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