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Hi My name is Hannah and I write my own poems. My dream is to a writer and I'm only 13 so since poems are easy to publish online, this is a start for me. I love swimming, Reading, writing, and drawing.I play softball and soccer and am in 8th grade. I have many friends. So yeah... I'm going to write a bunch of poems so keep updated! :) Peace out

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I Promise

♥ I promise you my heart♥
♥ I promise you my life♥
♥ I promise we'll never be apart♥
♥ I promise not to hurt you♥
♥ I promise to never make you cry♥
♥ I promise to always trust you♥
♥ I promise not to lie♥
♥ I promise you forever♥
♥ I promise you tonight♥
♥ I promise you my respect♥
♥ I promise to do things right♥
♥ I promise to always be there♥
♥ I promise until the end♥
♥ I promise to always love you♥
♥ I promise to be your best friend♥

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Courtney Carnthey 20 September 2009

I think you need help, it's a major lie to say you have many friends.

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