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From heaven came a dove
It brought a message of love

To let pervade the friendship

The crave of our soul is only a request
To our beloved
It has no terms
No conditions

Sitting on grass
I watched the sky
‘T was bright and blue
With an extent so high

You smell the air sweeter than the rose
With your breath fresher than the morn-dew
Your thoughts soaring higher than The Everest
And your heart having a feeling new

How blessed I have been since childhood
To have a bond of love so sincere
So to an influx of joy I did adhere
When nature bonded me in sisterhood


Fall, the rains from the scudding ebony clouds
Down an innocent girl cries, her eyes they tame
Fall, the leaves off their trees in autumn
Their halcyon days are gone, they mourn in flame

One day, a time will be
In your hand, my hand will be
Thence all my dolour will efface
In my eyes, will be your shining face

Her dreams live
In clash
Amid people
Who bash

In a thunder of emotions we met
In orange violet twilight, after the sunset

As the moon on one horizon confronted the sun on the other

Everyday it’s a post-haste hour
I leave behind all that’s dour
With a light heart and endless pleasure
I rush yonder I lend my treasure

There's a flower which says 'Touch me not! '
' I'm destructive ', the hatred says 'Near me not! '
' I'm unique ', the opportunity says 'Skip me not! '
' I can be fatal ', the narcotic says 'Use me not! '

To live is to face clash of feelings
You turned your eyes walking away
I shared your joy, for you I was happy
But......... for myself


I am the same…
Who was born with the same name…
With the feelings I had in early years…
But which changed over the same years….


Great blessings are bestowed upon mankind
So many in number hard to bear in mind
Yet, as on fate the time carves acerbic remarks
Around the girth of sentiments, the lives wind

They say you shall meet a few
Who believed in themselves and believe in you
Know the art of being great and teach you too
They are the Great People for true

I've come a long way
Being stressful night and day
Life has been to me an odyssey
If you think you'd live here in serenity

When it's dark and you are sad
Look up deep into the sky
I'll be the star, shining the most
Drawing the lights from your eyes

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A Dove....

From heaven came a dove
It brought a message of love

To let pervade the friendship
A pure form of relationship

Wherein flourishes thorough humanity
Thus will end the hostile insanity

With it the agony will vanish
So will the trauma, the tragedy, the anguish

But to attain a world of peace
Our race of arms must cease

Why fall into the fever of control
To rule the world through lever of petrol!

A phantasm it is, chasing it is infantile
The power's craze is making our safety fragile

Let us now realign
Let our affections combine

It is the very time
To make our world sublime

So the environs brighten up while love rains
Mutual fondness is nurtured while nobility reigns

May then it be a place where beauty thrives
Terror- free, harmonious be our radiant lives

So is the theme, said the dove
Then caressed my dream and went above

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