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1. A Poem 2/15/2018
2. Rose 2/15/2018
3. Rose 2/15/2018
4. The Woman 2/15/2018
5. Frau 2/15/2018
6. Ein Gedicht 2/15/2018
7. from "Narratives of Creation" 2/15/2018
8. srishthi - Gedicht um Gedicht 2/15/2018
9. કવિતા વિષે ચાટુક્તિઓ 3/20/2018
10. ગુલાબ 3/20/2018
11. સ્ત્રી 3/20/2018
12. સૃષ્ટિમંડાણની કથાઓ-માંથી 3/20/2018

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A rose on the table
Carefree as if it were on a holy tomb or in the inner shrine
Surely, it would have it, but the fragrance does not reach me
On a tiny little stalk, huddled together, a circular pattern of petals -
What a combination of beauty and tenderness

Scarlet red

On a window-seal in a well-watered pot
appears a stained spring -
Why does the rose not even look at it?
Why do the rosewater and the rose-jelly complain publicly, in a bitter tone
that they have nothing to do with it ?

Look, I've been staring at it all this while
and yet, - ...

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