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the country i live in
The land i say mother

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Patriotic As Hell

the country i live in
The land i say mother
the soil i rest my foot on
let the blesses be a shower! !
i hope my mother
is tired;
tired of seeing all hatred,
and tired of witnessing all the white passion,
tired of bearing it all;
tired of waiting long for her soul to be sacred! !
the kids of hers, her very own kitten,
have done it all what it takes to make her battered! !
she has longed for love
longed for pride;
she has been their mother more than a guide! !
she has saved them all
come whatever may;
she has been at their backs and made them pray! !
to the Almighty they have prayed too,
but all they have asked from God they have forgotten;
they have made foul all the blessings;
made their ownselves cowards made it rotten;
hail my mother for bearing it all! !
i want to give my mother my love by making her proud! !
i will not indulge in any bribery,
i will not make any false promises,
i will not commit my brethren
all that i cant! !
i want to make my mother feel safe and content,
for all that she has given me,
i will make of me a saint! !

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