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If you desire sun
In the burning night
You will unleash
a most terrible sight

Be joyfull - sing loud
for the songs are many
If shadows should shroud
Be joyfull - sing loud

Many things grow there,
in the sodden meadow
Many things grow there
though few have the mind to care-

They never forget the violent twang,
relishing it with a shove of the head
deep into that tumultuous muck
from which no one comes out willingly,

The Best Poem Of Harold D. Cecil

Don'T Be Sad

You have eyes to see,
and ears to hear
A brain to think
and things to fear

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<font color=black>Nagourta 10 November 2008

He is so much more ignorant than an elephant. He is so ignorant that he he were a god and you pointed the fact out to him, he would deny it and wipe out your exsistance quickly.

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Harold D. Cecil Popularity

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