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She was a country girl, in her faded old blue jeans,
she was so full of life, and she was full of dreams,
she would dream about the future, and how her life would be,
yes she wanted children maybe two or three,


The best part of any man is the woman by his side,
the woman who helps him along the way,

She said she was ready to give her all,
to die for her country so she answered the call,
she had her basic, then went to a school,
then off she did go to the motor pool,

Here I am on the corner of love,
the corner of love and heartache,
which way will I turn, let's go see where love takes,
will love be a smooth, level road,



She lies in her bed, at night all alone,
wondering just when her man will be home,

God made the moon, then he made the sun,
he made the heavens and earth, then thought he was done,
but he got lonesome, so he made a new plan,
he drew out an image, then created man,

There once was a gun fighter, named Billy the kid,
he went down in history, for the bad things he did,
He killed in anger, he killed for fun,
he killed for nothing, he killed with his gun,

After our dinner, one bright summer night,
we went riding, out in the moonlight,
down through the canyon to, the valley below,
the stars were twinkling, I want you to know

I wonder where you are today,
and just when you'll be home
in my mind the thoughts do play,
when I am left here all alone,

What color is jealousy, if you know, please tell me,
so I can throw that color away you see,
is it black? I really doubt it,
black's the color of death and the unknown,


Love is a feeling so honest and true,
love is the feeling that I have for you,

THANK YOU FOR NOT SMOKING said the sign on the door,
the words that followed, I'll remember forever more,
'I was a smoker, just puffing away,
I swore I'd keep puffing, till my dying day,




When we are together, there is music in my heart,
but there is only silence, whenever we're apart,

This is a poem about Bonnie and Clyde,
they had places to run too, but nowhere too hide,
both came from a poor and needy past,
the life that they chose, just couldn't last,

John Wesley Hardin was born in Texas, in eighteen fifty three,
he grew up as mean as any man can be,
when a luckless cowboy was snoring in his bed,
John Wesley took his pistol and shot him in the head,


She is like mountain laurel, a breath of fresh air,
a bird on the wing, or a flower so rare,
like the dew on the grass, at mornings first light,
aurora borealis on a early fall night,

Wyatt Earp was a lawman, Dodge City was his town,
the drovers came a calling and laid their money down,
whiskey they kept drinking, and telling their tall tales,
sometimes they got tossed into the can, and had to pay their bails,

Harry Bryant Biography

I am just a simple country man, that loves to write poems, for my own enjoyment and for others to enjoy as well, thank you for taking the time to read my biography, though it is short, my heart is large. Harry Bryant)

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A Country Girl

She was a country girl, in her faded old blue jeans,
she was so full of life, and she was full of dreams,
she would dream about the future, and how her life would be,
yes she wanted children maybe two or three,
she dreamed who she would marry, might beTommy Brown,
maybe it would be someone new, that just moved into town,
she knew she liked the simple life, like most country girls did,
and she would be so glad, when she wasn't such a kid,
she liked the sound of rain, when she was in the barn,
there was so many things to do, out there on the farm,
the smell of new mown hay, always thrilled her so,
but she knew this way of life, would sometime have to go,
the years passed so slowly, but somehow slipped away,
still she knew her dreams would all come true someday,
then one day it happened, she met a charming man,
she fell in love with him, it is when her life began,
for many months they dated, then he bought the ring,
when he placed it on her finger, her heart began to sing,
in June they were married, now she was his wife,
she had enough happiness to last her all her life,
the babies started coming and filling up their home,
with her husband and her children she would never be alone,
troubles they had some, but nothing very bad,
kids were always laughing, none were always sad,
the years passed by so quickly, the kids had all moved away,
they would come to visit, but she knew they wouldn't stay,
soon she started dreaming about her life again,
and she would dream about the days out there on the plain.

written by Harry Bryant
12/15/04 7: 00: 11 PM ©
all rights reserved

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