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A rose for a rose,
which brightens my spirit;
A few heartfelt words,
to see a smile upon thy lips.

As I lay peacfully,
on my porch looking,
at the dark, gloomy sky,
Cryinfg which is, its heart out.

The world around, has closed on me,
Confining me, within life and death.
The days of my freedom, have passed away,
leaving me naught but;

Believe we doth in,
He who dost treachery;
Traitor w calleth him,
who knows naught, but loyalty!

The flowers that I send,
may not reach you in bloom;
but the scent of their blossom,
the air shall surely give you.

Thou art still, our Hero,
Oh god of Rain,
Bur what has invoked
thy anger,

I'm no hermit, no monk, nor even a saint,
I'm just a soul,
searching for a place;
in heaven or hell,


I know, but a drop
and there's, an ocean to consume;
I am, but at the foothill
and there's, a mountain to ascend;

The wings abate, of my soul
Stretch free, I want to;
The reins tight, bind which my verve
Break all, I want to;

The moment I saw thee,
I felt the heavens were revealed to me;
The beauty blissful of thee,
I thought was made just for me.

Thou art a beautiful hymn,
Sung by almighty him;
make with his sincere care,
hast he thee, my lady fair.

Deep down where, it started all;
A place of which, none could imagine;
Hold the seed, out of which would rise,
the evergreen tree - called Life.

The look of thee,
gives such pleasure to me;
as the fresh showers doth,
a peacock glee.

Thy face lovely - Oh my love,
Blush, I can see in the moon;
As I draw you closer to me,
And hold, thy hands in mine.

Deep down where, no being dwells;
A place of which, none even imagine;
Where vanquished, is the light even,
and just the dark, ever prevails.


Con thou not, thy loved ones,
For faked shall thou be,
By life itself.

Behold, In thyself
For see, shall thou,
The meaning true - of Life.

Unto the day,
When meet you I;
Darkness folds over,
the light of my eye.

The night of moon full, is here today,
and has brought with it,
the zeal to kill,
And quench my thirst - Ere day.

The pasteurs green,
a tillers bread;
have long become barren.

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well folks im sriharsh a very recently turned poet... mayb it was der.. i didnt see it.. bt nw dat i hav i hope to catch up....wt to say of myslf... ull know wn u read my poems.)

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A Wish

A rose for a rose,
which brightens my spirit;
A few heartfelt words,
to see a smile upon thy lips.

The day of glee,
is here to be
forever, Live now shall thee,
dreams fabulous, thou ever see.

The only thing, I pray for thee,
that all thou wish, so it be;
And hope the year ahead for thee,
be as beautiful as thee.

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